Apart from visiting exhibitions, there are many other activities available for you at the gallery. Through our art learning projects and special programs accompanying exhibitions, we collectively pursue a richer experience of art and of our perception and comprehension of the world around us!


Do you sometimes find contemporary art incomprehensible and isolated from the surrounding world? Are you unsure how to approach it? In that case, TransformArt: Lectures on Art might be just for you! Curators, artists, and experts from other related fields will guide you through different the dimensions of contemporary art and help you decipher its role in our everyday life.

  • The 9-lecture and runs twice a year, in the summer and the winter semester.

  • A 50% discount is available for teachers and students.

  • Lectures are held in Czech.

Spaces of Discovery

Did you miss one of our programs? No worries, in the gallery you will also find spaces where you can create, play, and explore, and then go home with your own artistic experience.