Apart from visiting exhibitions, there are many other activities for you in the gallery. Learning helps us collectively experience art and understand the world around us. Choose what you would like to do in the gallery. We have the ideal programme for you. Hashtags attached to each event help you find the activity that suits you best.


 We believe that dialogue and collaboration lie at the core of learning. You have the opportunity to meet various interesting guest speakers—artists, curators, and experts who will introduce you to various topics and be available to answer your questions. Mutual communication can help uncover new paths and approaches to art.


Contemporary art can be complex, but we aim to share it with you in a comprehensive and entertaining way. You can walk through an exhibition with a curator or an artist who can uncover the behind-the-scenes of exhibitions and/or artworks. Screenings and walks can help introduce complex topics in a clear and engaging manner.


The joy of creative work is unrivalled, which is why we offer several activities which allow you to create various activities and themes inspired by our exhibition programme. Workshops represent an important space in which we can explore contemporary art based on individual needs and understand things during the creative process.