Schools in the gallery

Are you an educator looking to enhance your teaching with a visit to the gallery? Or do you want to educate yourself and find out how your colleagues think here or abroad? Or are you a student and want to offer your educator a program in the gallery instead of in the classroom? 

Below you will find the types of programs we have prepared for you. 

We offer programs and admission for schools free of charge thanks to the support of the bpd partners Foundation.  

If you have special requests, just contact and we can tailor a program for you. 

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Guided Tours & Workshops for Teachers

Discover our engaging guided tours and hands-on workshops designed for schools and educators. Enhance your learning experience with expert-led tours that bring subjects to life and interactive workshops that foster creativity and collaboration. Join us to explore, learn, and inspire!

Debate League

The goal of the Debate League project at Kunsthalle Praha is to cultivate discussion about art in our society. Through this project, we create an open platform for high school students, helping them not only gain experience in debating but also navigate various topics more or less related to art. Debate as an organized exchange of opinions develops critical thinking, argumentation skills, media literacy, and presentation abilities in students.  

The project is conducted in collaboration with the nonprofit Association of Debate Clubs, which is part of an international debate program and has many years of experience in organizing debate competitions and training debate enthusiasts.  

During the first meeting, students and teachers are trained in the rules of debating and introduced to the debate thesis related to current exhibitions at Kunsthalle Praha. They also have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in informal discussion, which can help them prepare for debating the theses. Between the first meeting and the final day, students gather information and materials for debating through self-study or at school and prepare for the final debate day in the gallery. In the final debates, teams duel to defend or refute the validity of the given thesis. At the end of the debates, a qualified instructor from the Association of Debate Clubs provides feedback on the debating skills of the participants, and together with an invited artist or educator, students can further develop the discussion on the given topic. 

Thesis of the first year of the Debate League at Kunsthalle Praha:  

Art is essential for social change. 

The discussed theses are deliberately controversial. Students should consider the theses either through self-study or under the guidance of a teacher at school, gathering information that will help them obtain relevant materials for later debating. 

Spaces of Discovery

Did you miss one of our programs? No worries, in the gallery you will also find spaces where you can create, play, and explore, and then go home with your own artistic experience.

TRAFO: AR application

Our interactive augmented reality application takes you into alternative spaces of the gallery, where you can explore the history of the former Zenger transformation station and enjoy a fun tour of the current galleries. Just open the application, scan the space around you, and with a simple click on the 3D models, discover various features, games, or videos.

You can play on the magical piano of artist Zdeněk Pešánek, which never actually survived. And in the jukebox, you will find songs from bands that played in the former Zenger building when it housed the underground club Kokpit Kafé.