TransformArt: A Series of Lectures on Contemporary Art

Invisible (In) Art

We are opening a new semester of the TransformArt course! This time, we will focus on overlooked personalities and themes in contemporary art. We will build upon our two exhibitions this year – the retrospective of the recently rediscovered photographer Lucie Moholy in Exposures and the solo show of internationally acclaimed Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota.

We will explore the role of women as artists in modern and contemporary art. We will also delve into the legal aspects of authorship of artistic works. This time, we have a walk planned to discover a previously unknown gem of functionalist architecture.

Below you will find the exact schedule and annotations of the lectures.

The course takes place every Monday from September 30 to December 2, 2024 (excluding Monday, October 28), always from 6 PM.

The main location will be Bistro Kunsthalle Praha at Klárov 5, 118 00 Prague 1.

Regular fee
: 6500 Kč
Kunsthalle Praha member: 5200 Kč
Teachers/Students: 3250 Kč

Contact email:

What else does the course offer?

Nine inspirational meetings with significant female and male artists, curators, designers, and other prominent figures from the world of art with interdisciplinary overlaps.

The opportunity to mutually inspire each other, to sit together for a lecture followed by a debate with coffee or wine in hand.

In addition, selected lectures are complemented by special commentaries on current exhibitions, tours of art projects in public spaces, or interactive workshops.

Who is Invisible (In) Art Course for?

For everyone who wants to understand the role of contemporary art in our everyday lives. For students preparing for art universities or professionals who enjoy expanding their horizons in artistic topics.

The course will be held in Czech language.


Winter Semestr 2024

Hana Buddeus, art theorist and historian (Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences)
Guided tour of the exhibition Lucia Moholy: Exposures

Marie Klimešová, curator and art historian (Faculty of Arts, Charles University)
Lecture on the work of Běla Kolářová

Iva Javorská, intellectual property lawyer (Novalia)
Lecture on the legal aspects of photography authorship