Grzegorzki Shows Opening: Frieder Böhnisch & ANNE (concert)

Our exhibition space will occasionally be turned into a venue for concerts and events organised by Gregor Hildebrandt himself, bringing his artistic community directly to Kunsthalle Praha. 

Since 2017, Hildebrandt has been inviting his contemporaries to show their work in a dedicated exhibition space called Grzegorzki Shows. This small space, once a gatekeeper’s house in his studio building in Berlin, has been identically reproduced at Kunsthalle Praha complete with green linoleum floors and a pink neon sign.

Over the course of the exhibition, a selection of ‘shows’ that Hildebrandt previously curated will be reproduced as sub-exhibitions in the space. Additionally, Hildebrandt will invite bands to perform at Kunsthalle Praha from Grzegorzki Records, an indie label he co-founded with his partner, Alicja Kwade. On this occasion, we will also celebrate the release of an elaborate exhibition catalogue produced by the Kunsthalle and Grzegorzki Productions.

6/12 2022 6 PM

  • Opening the exhibition Frieder Böhnisch: Die Weihnachtskarten des Frieder Böhnisch.
  • Read more about the exhibition here
  • The event includes a concert by chanson-like psychedelic band ANNE from Munich.
  • Listen to their music on bandcamp.
  • Kunsthalle Praha & Gregor Hildebrandt's studio will release a catalogue for A Blink of an Eye and the Years are Behind Us.
  • The artist is also launching his collaboration with THE SKATEROOM on this occasion. 

The ticket is valid both for the event and for the exhibition Gregor Hildebrandt: A Blink of an Eye and the Years are Behind Us.