Schwestern: Watchtower
23. August 2023

Schwestern: Watchtower

Concept: Martina Freitagová 
Artists: schwestern (Iveta Šalamounová & Monika Cihlářová)  
Realization: Extended Production

This site-specific installation offers space for audiovisual detox and quiet contemplation after visiting the exhibitions. You can think about what you saw in the gallery or simply relax your mind completely. This year, the architectural-artistic duo schwestern created an installation called the Watchtower. The three highest windows in the building of the former transformer station reveal a view of the unique area of ​​Klárov, bordered on one side by the sought-after views of Prague Castle and on the other by the Letná hill profile. In the enlarged window frames, you can find pleasant seating, similar to the cozy bay windows at home. The centerpiece of the meditative installation is a spiral staircase leading into a lighted void. Relax in art. 

© Vojtěch Veškrna