Artist Talk: Meriç Algün – Unborrowed Books

The multifaceted work of visual artist Meriç Algün focuses on questions of identity, bureaucracy, language, and mobility through appropriated and “ready-made” texts, dictionaries, and archives. She works with various media, her approach is conceptual, methodical, and research-based. She seeks to reveal specific contexts within social structures using their pre-set parameters.

Very often, her work directly reflects her own experience with migration across cultural, linguistic, and bureaucratic boundaries. Writing and literature play a significant role in her work. In her piece The Library of Unborrowed Books, which is part of the READ exhibition at Kunsthalle Praha, she reveals overlooked themes in society by establishing a temporary library with books that have never been borrowed from a specific library. Her lecture will be conducted in English.

  • Date 25/3 2024 6 PM

  •  in English