Everything that will happen during the last Grzegorzki Show

Kunsthalle is normally closed on Tuesdays, but on 6 December 2022 at 6PM we’ll make an exception. Because it’s time to end the first year of Kunshtalle Praha’s story in proper style. You can look forward to a Berlin quadruple comprising a vernissage, a concert, a catalogue release, and the launch of a special edition.

Inside an exact replica of Gregor Hildebrandt’s showroom, we will launch the mini-vernissage of his artist friend Frieder Böhnisch. The last (and heavily Christmassy!) Grzegorzki Show will open with both artists present. And then? Then, the eccentric Munich-based musical formation ANNE will play a concert in Gallery 3. By the way, these electronic musicians releasing their LP on Gregor Hildebrandt’s label Grzegorzki Records.

© Karolína Matušková

Whether you’re immersed in the avalanche of electronic music flowing through Kunsthalle or lost in the labyrinth of vinyl records, this evening will also include two launches—one of a book and one of a skateboard edition. First, we will present the compelling exhibition catalogue of Gregor Hildebrandt’s show. Its extensive photographic sequences, essays, and archival materials offer a glimpse into the artist’s creative inner world. Presented via 288 pages of sleek graphic design!

If you prefer a combination of art, sports, and lifestyle, direct your attention and adrenalin toward the launch of a unique collaboration between Hildebrandt and THE SKATEROOM. This platform for art and social improvement produces original skateboard editions featuring names such as Jeff Koons and Cindy Sherman. Their first collaboration with Hildebrandt has resulted in a unique limited edition of art skateboards. They might find end up on walls rather than in the streets, yet their design mirrors the roughness of Hildebrandt’s Berlin. Come see for yourself! The skateboards will be available in our Design Shop, both physically and online.