Are you going for The Cure? There's a surprise in Kunsthalle for you!

Possibly The Cure’s last tour & definitely Gregor Hildebrandt’s biggest exhibition ever. How are the two linked? If you are headed to The Cure’s Prague concert on 24 October 2022, drop by the major exhibition of the Berlin-based artist on your way. We have a special offer ready for you! If you buy one ticket, you will get a second one for free—all you have to do is show your valid ticket for the O2 Arena concert at the Kunsthalle ticket desk. The perfect fusion of music, art, and dark visual poetry. A guaranteed restorative experience!

How is the exhibition related to The Cure?

Carmine pain, waiting in the cold night, and incipient insomnia. Despite its lyrical torment, it is easy to get lost in the song The Figurehead. This powerful track is the fifth of eight stories comprising the famous album Pornography, one of the creative pinnacles of The Cure’s melancholic musical oeuvre. Released in May 1982, this foundational work of gothic rock significantly influenced Gregor Hildebrandt, who is also a co-owner of the recording label Grzegorzki Records. Over the past two decades, Hildebrandt’s art has included references to various musical inspirations, ranging from Kraftwerk (the painting Neonlicht), through The Police (Message in a Bottle) and The Velvet Underground (the object Shiny Boots of Leather), to The Cure. A painting titled The Figurehead, which is part of an imposing black curtain made out of magnetic tape from VHS cassettes, can be seen (alongside the other aforementioned artworks) in Hildebrandt’s current exhibition at Kunsthalle Praha.

Will a ticket for The Cure’s Prague concert grant me free entry?

On the day of the concert—24 October 2022—you can show a valid ticket for the evening concert at the O2 Arena receive one free entry to the gallery in return. You will have to pay for one ticket, but the other one can be given to someone, or you can keep it and use it to visit Kunsthalle whenever you want. The cost of one ticket is 260 CZK—it includes Gregor Hildebrandt’s exhibition, the large-scale multimedia installation Invisible Forces, and entry to the Kunsthalle Café, where you can enjoy delicious coffee and refreshments with a view of Petřín and the Prague Castle.

What if I want to know more about the exhibition?

No problem! Poetically titled A Blink of an Eye and the Years are Behind a Us, this exhibition filled with dark visual poetry is Gregor Hildebrandt’s first solo exhibition in the Czech Republic and simultaneously his biggest-ever exhibition to date. The heart of the exhibition is Hildebrandt’s mysterious visual poetry, which often thematizes the incessant march of time and its and its suspension in the form of nostalgic memories. These are often associated with analogue audio storage media, from early vinyl records to rare audiotapes. Overall, the exhibition will feature over eighty artworks, ranging from paintings made from vinyl records and old magnetic tape to monumental installations such as an oversized chess piece and a black curtain made out of magnetic tape from old VHS cassettes. Come see for yourself!

© Filip Kopecký

Are there other concerts linked to the exhibition?

There are! Two concerts by artists from Hildebrandt’s own label Grzegorzki Records will take place at Kunsthalle. A bit of Berlin in Prague. Firstly, on Tuesday, 1 November, Berlin-based psych-pop band Walking Down Brenton Road will christen their new(ish) album; then, on Tuesday, 6 December, Munich-based electronic formation ANNE will perform. Experience a unique combination of fascinating concerts and visual art in the industrial space of a Czech Building of the Year 2022 candidate building. We are looking forward to having you!

© Vojtěch Veškrna, Lukáš Masner, Jan Malý