Workshop KunstPlay: Write Read Perform (CZE)

Graphic designers Anežka Minaříková and Marek Nedelka, the creative minds behind the visual design of the catalog for the exhibition READ, will present the workshop "Write Read Perform." Immerse yourself in the principles of the artistic movement Fluxus firsthand! Through a series of simple activities, we offer an interactive experience, granting you the opportunity to become part of the READ exhibition for a few hours. Gain a fresh perspective and peek behind the scenes of the creative process of the author and designer.

Anežka Minaříková, a graduate of the Studio of Graphic Design and New Media at UMPRUM in Prague, currently continues her studies at Yale University School of Art.

Marek Nedelka is a Czech graphic designer based in Brooklyn. He studied architecture at TUL and graphic design at UMPRUM. He predominantly focuses on projects related to architecture, design, and culture in general.

  • Date: 11/2 2023 10:00 Suitable for all ages 10 and up

  • Approximately 2.5 hours

  • Held as part of the series of audiovisual workshops KunstPlay