Signal Festival: 3D Scan Now! (workshop)

Not everyone fully aware of what a powerful instrument we carry in our pockets every day, nor of the creative possibilities it provides us with. The evolution of smart devices is accompanied by an evolution of the ways in which we can contribute not only to the development of the virtual realm, but also to archiving the material world. The creation of photorealistic 3D scans is getting easier by the day and is becoming a vital tool for contemporary digital artists.

During this workshop led by artist Karim Tarakji, you will become familiarized with the basics and different types of digital object creation, learn about the possibilities of their use, and try your hand at photogrammetry.

  • Date & time: 16/10 2022 11.00-13.00

  • Workshop is suitable for children over the age of 10 and will last approximately 2 hours.​​​​​​

  • This event is part of the supporting program of Signal Festival 2022

  • Free entry, registration required