Performance: Blue Movement

A unique movement performance directed by dancer and choreographer Eva Urbanová focuses on slowing down amidst the hustle and bustle of the city center, crisscrossed by trams, cars, and tourists. The slow movements of three dancers seemingly slow down the surrounding commotion, allowing passersby to become aware of their own steps and become present with the sensations of their entire bodies. This performance naturally connects to the meditative space in the Tower of Kunsthalle Praha, where the architectural-artistic duo schwestern created the installation Rozhledna. The three highest windows in the former transformer station building reveal views in three directions, showcasing three dancers draped in deep blue. Come and relax with art.

  • Date: 6/9  2024 6 PM

  • No reservation is necessary; entry to the performance is included with the ticket to the current exhibitions at Kunsthalle Praha