Roman Prahl: Chittussi

Antonín Chittussi (1847–1891) is one of the most important modern Czech painters. He spent 1879–1884 mostly living in France, where he was among the successors of the Barbizon School. He later also worked in Bohemia. Over the course of fifteen years, Chittussi created a large body of landscapes in which he developed the plein air realism of the French landscape painters. Within the Czech context, he contributed decisively to the establishment of landscape painting as one of the leading genres of art. The book places Chittussi’s work into the context of the era’s European art and thoroughly explores questions associated with the creative process of landscape painting and artistic developments in the second half of the nineteenth century. The book’s core consists of the largest illustrated catalogue of the artist’s landscapes and drawings to date, organized by the main themes and motifs reflecting typical landscape objects and Chittussi’s fundamental artistic inclinations.

Editor: Roman Prahl
Texts: Roman Prahl, Štefan Tóth
Graphic design: Andrea Vacovská (Studio Najbrt)

Number of pages: 332
Forma: 245×287 mm
Binding: V8, hardcover
Language: Czech
ISBN 978-80-200-2940-9

Publishers: Academia, Galerie Kodl, Kunsthalle Praha
Date of publication: 2019