Photoreport: Jaro Varga residency in Delfina Foundation

Jaro Varga, an artist, curator and lecturer, has recently become a resident of Delfina Foundation in London. Thanks to their program, Jaro can experiment with new ideas, concentrate on artistic research, and establish relationships with local institutions, communities and individuals.

"Studio visit" with art collector Bernard Fair. I have introduced and presented the artistic research I am currently conducting in the fields of climate psychology, psychogeography of memory and contemporary art.

The library of Delfina Foundation is my very favourite place in the house and also my favourite quiet niche to contemplate.

“Family Lunch” Delfina Foundation regularly hosts lunches and dinners for artists, collectors, curators, gallerists and art lovers.

Delfina Foundation – headquarters in the centre of London.

The presentation of my project “We don’t know that we know” in the library of Delfina Foundation.

In addition to Kunsthalle Praha, this international residential program is also supported by:

Delfina Foundation
Česká centra/Czech Centres
Institut umění - Divadelní ústav