Christina Kubisch's sound art will resonate in springtime Prague

We are honoured to announce that one of the stars of sound art — Christina Kubisch — is coming to Prague. The German composer of electronic and acoustic music will personally present the 85th edition of her travelling project Electrical Walks at Kunsthalle. There are many reasons why you simply mustn’t miss this opportunity.

Since the 1980s, Christina Kubisch has been working with an electromagnetic induction system that she developed herself from basic technology to the level of a unique artistic instrument for sound installations. You can experience one of them — titled Cloud — in our Kinetismus exhibition. The hour-long presentation of her extraordinary concept Electrical Walks will take place in the Kunsthalle Bistro and will be conducted in English.

Foto: Vojtěch Veškrna, Jan Hromádko

Kubisch began her non-traditional series of Electrical Walks in 2003. Now, for the very first time in Prague, you can experience what it is like to perceive your immediate surroundings through concealed electromagnetic phenomena. Wearing special headphones and with a magnetic map in hand, you’ll set out to visit Prague’s sonic core. You’ll discover your city in an entirely new way!