Performance: Haroon Mirza – Modular Opera
21. May 2022

You’ll feel like you are riding the ocean waves with this young British artist. On Saturday, 21 May, Haroon Mirza, a sculptor, composer, and performer all in one. The artist will lead an electro-acoustic performance in the form of a modular opera composed of fragments from three Mirza’s pieces: Dreamachine 2.0, The Construction of an Act and There is non Truth and only Belief because the truth is unbelievable.  

Haroon Mirza’s varied oeuvre is comprised of sculptural assamblages, immersive installations and live performances, and is rooted in his deep relationship to music, which he started building while working as a DJ.

Mirza perceives music as organised sounds and noise, and as a composer he arranges various visual and accounstic elements of materials as well as space, transforming them into new forms. His main medium is electricity, which he perceives similarly to ocean waves and loves to record this natural phenomenon both visually and sonically.  

His performance is a part of his modular opera series, a collaborative project, to which he regularly invites other artists, musicians and designers. In Prague, he will perform among others with the vocalist Sarah-Jane Lewis and musician Jack Jelfs.

Their common inspiration is the work Dreamachine 2.0, which Haroon Mirza created together with the artist Siobhan Coen as an hommage to an eponymous work from 1961 (displayed at the Kinetismus exhibition), which influences the brain waves to induce hallucinations. Another starting point of Mirza’s performance is his work The Construction of an Act, in which he works with a gallery as an instrument.

Saturday 21/5 2022 7 pm