Riding Prague's waves with Haroon Mirza

You’ll feel like you are riding the ocean waves with this young British artist. On Saturday, 21 May — Haroon Mirza — a sculptor, composer, and performer all in one, will lead an electro-acoustic performance in the form of a Modular Opera.

Into the sea of sounds

He thinks about music as an organised assortment of sounds and noise. His main medium is electricity, which he perceives similarly to ocean waves and loves to record this natural phenomenon both visually and sonically. 

Mirza’s immersive performance enables the viewers to dive into artist’s rich and layered creative thinking and work. It is a part of his modular opera series, a collaborative project, to which he regularly invites other artists, musicians and designers.

At Kunsthalle, he will appear together with, for instance, vocalist Sarah-Jane Lewis. The template for their sonic performance will consist of fragments from three of Mirza’s works, which you can also see during electrifying walks through the world of Kinetismus: 100 Years of Electricity in Art.

Foto: Alexandra Mertová, Dita Havránková

New forms of music

Haroon Mirza’s varied oeuvre is comprised of sculptural assamblages, immersive installations and live performances, and is rooted in his deep relationship to music, which he started building while working as a DJ. As a composer he arranges various visual and accounstic elements of materials as well as space, transforming them into the new forms. 

Program of the performance

  • PART I: “Construction of an Act” 2019/21. Haroon Mirza feat. Sarah-Jane Lewis
  • PART II: “There is no truth and only belief because the truth is unbelievable” 2020. Haroon Mirza feat. Sarah-Jane Lewis, costume by Osman Yousefzada

Supporting Act: Oozlum