Sharing Therapy LIVE (CZE)

Ester Geislerová will share examples from her life, and Honza Vojtko will provide insights from his therapy sessions.

"And why did you text me that you love me?"
"I made a mistake."

Does this sound familiar? After we started publishing your real online communications, you began asking us what to do about it. We are social beings, so it's natural for us to continuously form relationships: romantic, work-related, friendships, or family. Mobile phones and messaging apps have entered our relationships, causing current relationships and communication to undergo turbulence that we are learning to respond to on the fly. We are all in this together, and we want to talk about it and try to understand it. Come share with us and experience an evening full of humor and information!

  • Date: 21/8 2024 6 PM

  • Will be held in Czech language.