Members Party

This evening is yours! Thank you for being with us throughout the year and sharing your passion for art. We would like to express our gratitude to you, our members, for that. Admission is free, but the program will be rich.

Date: 12/6 2024 6.30 PM

Concert by Yasha 96 will fill our top gallery with his dreamy indie sound. This space usually belongs to art and video projections, and you want to experience it empty. In the darkroom, you'll also have the opportunity to create your own photogram. Personally assisting you with this will be the artist Jan Tichy, who teaches at the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago and is a co-curator of our latest exhibition, Lucia Moholy: Exposures.

We also have two tours for you, one focusing on the current exhibition and another on the history and architecture of our building. You can relax with your loved ones on our terraces and enjoy a summer drink. You can also choose something nice from the Design Shop. Everything will conclude with a DJ set by Pierre Urbana. See you there!


18.30 Start 

18.45 Guided Tour – Lucia Moholy: Exposures with Jindra Veselská 

19.00–20.00 Workshop – Darkroom with artist Jan Tichy   

19.15 Guided Tour – History and Architecture of the Building with Jacqueline Kahl   

19.45 Welcome Speech  

20.00 Yasha 96 (Concert) 

21.00–23.00 Pierre Urban (DJ set) 

*Design Shop and the exhibition (Lucia Moholy: Exposures) will be open until 21:00