The Kunsthalle Praha Collection: 50 Highlights 

Through fifty selected works of art, this book presents the first closer look at the collection of Kunsthalle Praha. The introductory editorial outlines the goals of Kunsthalle Praha’s collecting activities, which are focused primarily on Czech art from the early twentieth century to the present day within the broader Central European context. On the subsequent pages, readers are given the chance to familiarize themselves with the various works through short texts and accompanying images. The authors of these texts include not only art historians and curators, but also artists, philosophers, architects, a historian, a theater director, and a writer. Their essays naturally offer a diverse range of interpretations showing that art has the capacity to speak to us about a variety of subjects while providing space for us to formulate our own individual viewpoints. 

Concept: Pavlína a Petr Pudilovi 
Editor: Barbora Ropková 
Introductory texts:
Ivana Goossen, Barbora Ropková, Štefan Tóth 
About the artworks:
Kata Balazs, Barbora Bartůňkova, Jiři Černicky, Ludovic Delalande, Julia Drost, Romina Dumler, Jiři Fajt, David Feher, Zdenek Felix, Aron Fenyvesi, Annabelle Gorgen-Lammers, Daniel Gruň, Vaclav Hajek, Stephen Hepworth, Thomas Heyden, Denis Hirson, Camille Houze, Tomaš Hřibek, Adela Janičkova, Eva Jiřična, Klara Kemp-Welch, Paul Kenig, Marie Klimešova, Anna Kodl, Michal Koleček, Edouard Lombard, Ulrich Loock, Tomaš Loužny, Gilles Marquenie, Arja Miller, Isabelle Moffat, Marie Nipper, Zuzana Novotna, Josef Pleskot, Gregor Podnar, Jiři Přibaň, Lydia Pribišova, Jiři Ptaček, Eva Riebova, Katarina Rusnakova, Karel Srp, Claire Staebler, Michal Stehlik, Laszlo Szazados, Christoph Tannert, Štefan Toth, Lubomir Typlt, Petr Vaňous, Vladimir 518, Jonathan Watkins, Tomaš Winter 
Graphic design: Pavel Tichoň 

Number of pages: 303
Dimensions: 180 x 240 mm
Binding: open spine, Swiss binding
Language: English
ISBN 978-80-908456-0-2  

Publisher: Kunsthalle Praha 
February 2023