Krištof Kintera: Out of Power Tower

The catalogue Out of Power Tower documents an installation exhibited at the 22nd Milan Triennial in 2019, whose theme was “Broken Nature.” The book looks at the creation and broader international scientific, technological, philosophical, and artistic context of the monumental Out of Power Tower, an object of discharged batteries made by Krištof Kintera and his team. The texts by Iva Knobloch, Milan Guštar, and Miloš Vojtěchovský are visually interpreted by Kryštof Doležal, who also designed the included poster.

Concept: Kryštof Doležal and Kryštof Kintera
Editor: Iva Knobloch
Texts: Iva Knobloch, Milan Guštar, Miloš Vojtěchovský
Graphic design: Kryštof Doležal, Studio Breisky

Number of pages: 97
Format: 250×200 mm                                             
Binding: paperback
Language: Czech
ISBN 978-80-7101-196-5

Publisher: Kunsthalle Praha, Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
Date of publication: 2020