Visitor Regulations for Visitors
to the Kunsthalle Prague


  1. General Introduction

  2. Opening Hours

  3. Admission

  4. Memberships

  5. Instructions for Visitors
    a) Cloakroom
    b) Photography, Filming
    c) Families With Children, School Groups
    d) Accessibility
    e) Visiting the Kunsthalle Prague

  6. Final Provisions

1. General Introduction

Kunsthalle Prague, foundation fund Klárov 132/5
Prague 1 - Malá Strana, 118 00
represented by Ivana Goossen, Chairwoman of the Management Board.
These Visitor Regulations are valid as of 22 February 2022.

Welcome to the Kunsthalle Prague!

We want your visit to be a pleasant experience both for you and other visitors. We, therefore, kindly ask that you follow the rules set out in these Visitor Regulations, which are primarily meant to ensure your health and safety, to ensure fire safety, and to protect our property in all areas of the building.

Our "Visitor Regulations" are a directive that sets out binding rules of conduct for all visitors to our gallery as well as all for other users of the building.

We are open to creativity, tolerance, equality, and generosity. Our goal is to be an inclusive place – where different cultural and artistic attitudes can feel welcome. Our tolerance does not apply to individuals who threaten our employees, visitors, works of art, or gallery property, or who engage in verbal or physical harassment or in conduct that is discriminatory in nature, politically motivated, or threatening. We reserve the right to expel persons from the premises who violate this policy.

By purchasing an entry ticket, the visitor expresses their consent to be bound by the terms and content of these Visitor Regulations; and by entering the premises, the visitor also grants their consent to the potential publication of their photo for purposes of promoting the Kunsthalle Prague. The Operation Coordinator and the Head of Visitor Services shall serve as direct supervisors over a visitor's compliance with these Visitor Regulations.

2. Opening Hours

The Kunsthalle Prague is open to the public all year round during the following main opening hours:

11:00 – 19:00


11:00 – 21:00

11:00 – 19:00

11:00 – 19:00

11:00 – 19:00

11:00 – 19:00

The Kunsthalle Prague reserves the right to modify its main opening hours for operational reasons (e.g. shorten/extend an exhibition or limit access to individual exhibition spaces, exhibition halls, and other parts of the building) and to close the entire space. Access to the building outside this specified time is only possible in agreement with the Kunsthalle Prague staff.

The main opening hours are the same for state-recognised holidays. Opening hours for the winter holiday season (Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's) are set forth and published each year and may differ from years prior.

Up-to-date information about opening hours can be found at the reception desk or on our website. If capacity is full, the Kunsthalle Prague reserves the right to restrict access to the building for other visitors.

3. Admission

Visitors are required to show their ticket to a member of staff before entering the "Paid Zone" of the building and must keep their ticket on their person at all times for the entire duration of their visit within the Paid Zone and present it again to staff upon their request.

The admission fee is determined by our current price list, which is displayed at the cash desk (i.e. at the Foyer reception) or on the Kunsthalle Prague website. Admission is valid for one entry only and includes all exhibitions currently on display. In the event that one or more exhibitions are currently being taken down and preparations are underway to set up one or more new exhibitions, then the admission fee is reduced accordingly. Such reduced admission is always published in advance according to the opening and closing dates of the exhibition(s). This discount on admission is also taken into account when purchasing your ticket online. In the event that a discounted or reduced admission ticket is purchased, the buyer must prove their entitlement to this type of admission ticket with some form of proof or legitimate documentation.

Discounts cannot be combined.

Entry into an exhibition is permitted only with a valid ticket.

Tickets can be paid in cash or by credit card or purchased online. A purchased ticket cannot be refunded or exchanged. In the event of loss of a valid ticket, the visitor is not entitled to a new one.

Ticket sales at the cash desk end 1 hour before closing time.

Entry into the Bistro and Design Shop is free of charge. Entry into the café is possible only with a valid ticket.

By purchasing their ticket, the visitor acknowledges the Visitor Regulations, will behave in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Visitor Regulations, and will follow all instructions from members of staff.

4. Memberships

If a visitor is a member of the Kunsthalle Prague, they shall always prove this fact by showing their membership card. The membership card holder may be admitted into the Paid Zone if the membership card is valid (i.e. if the membership fee has been paid in full).

Membership is valid for at least 1 year. Information on the types of memberships and the possibility of becoming a member can be found at the cash desk (i.e. at the Foyer reception) or on our website. With the exception of online sales, the membership fee is non-refundable

5. Instructions for Visitors

a) Cloakroom (for luggage and personal effects)

Visitors are not allowed to enter the exhibition with umbrellas, wet raincoats, cables, backpacks, oversized luggage, etc., and must place them in the cloakroom (Lockers / Member´s Lockers) or in another location that has been designated in advance by the Kunsthalle Prague.

Likewise, visitors may not enter exhibitions wearing bulky upper layers of clothing, such as coats, jackets, etc. If a visitor needs to store their valuable items, they should refer to the reception desk located in the Foyer on how to proceed.

b) Photography, Filming

Taking pictures or filming for commercial purposes with flash on or with a selfie stick or tripod is strictly prohibited unless prior authorisation has been granted by the Kunsthalle Prague.

Journalists may be admitted on the basis of a Press Pass, which journalists will further show to members of staff to legitimise their activities, or they may also be admitted on grounds of special permission from Kunsthalle Prague employees.

c) Families With Children, School Groups

Parents are fully responsible for their child's/children's behaviour (children under the age of 15). The entry of a child under 15 years of age is only possible with a parent or other legal guardian present.

For school field trips where there are groups of pupils or students, their teachers, school chaperone, or other members of school faculty staff shall take over the parents' responsibility.

School field trips (tours or programs) must always be booked in advance. Current information on how to book this type of visit is available on the Kunsthalle Prague website. A group size for a school field trip is understood to be a maximum of 16 students under the age of 26 and 1 teacher.

d) Accessibility

Aside from our "Tower" and “Box” spaces, all other spaces in the building feature wheelchair access.

Animals are not allowed into the Kunsthalle Prague, with the exception of service dogs. The reception desk features a low-lying countertop (i.e. an accessible height service counter) for easier communication.

For those with reduced mobility and special needs, our toilets (on the 3rd floor and in the Bistro) have also been specially adapted to be more accessible while the main entrance is equipped with a lift on the pavement level (located below the entrance footbridge).

Our reception staff (in the Foyer) will answer any specific questions you might have regarding accessibility, or you may call us on the phone number provided on our website and a member of staff will be happy to address your concerns.

e) Visiting the Kunsthalle Prague

Every visitor is obliged to follow instructions from Kunsthalle Prague staff. In the event a visitor fails to obey an instruction or warning issued in connection with the protection

and safety of exhibits, objects, and other visitors, we reserve the right to expel the disobedient visitor immediately from the building without issuing a refund for their paid entrance fee.

The following is not allowed in the Kunsthalle Prague:
- touching exhibits or display cases without permission
- smoking (including e-cigarettes) and/or playing with open flames in all indoor and outdoor spaces
- damaging, destroying, or tampering with building equipment in any way
- consuming food and drink in the exhibition halls (unless told otherwise by members of staff)
- entering the building with highly contaminated/dirty clothing or footwear
- entering while highly intoxicated/inebriated or under the influence of addictive substances
- entering with roller skates, rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles, scooters, tricycles, or other similar, small or lightweight vehicles of micro-mobility
- carrying a weapon or excess baggage (see also the list of prohibited items)
- disrupting or otherwise restricting other visitors by your disruptive or unruly behaviour or actions

Visitors shall also observe these rules of safe behaviour when in the outdoor areas of the premises (Zenger's colonnade and the café terrace). Visitors are not permitted to throw rubbish from these areas. A visitor who causes any damage to the building through their own fault is obliged to remain on site until Kunsthalle Prague employees arrive to the scene

Visitors are expected to leave the gallery spaces and head to the Foyer no later than 5 minutes before the official closing time.

Well-wishes, compliments, and other comments can be made verbally at the reception in the Foyer or in writing directly in the Visitor Book.

In the event of an emergency threatening the life, health, or property of persons on the premises of the Kunsthalle Prague building, visitors shall cooperate with the Custodian Service and Security staff and shall follow their instructions until the arrival of the Czech Police / Rescue Services.

In the event of an evacuation, follow the instructions from custodians or security staff and/or instructions found on the evacuation plan (in emergency situations, the responsibility for children and disabled persons falls on their accompanying parent(s), legal guardian(s), school chaperone, or caregiver).

6. Final Provisions

Access to back-end facilities is permitted only for Kunsthalle Prague employees and authorised personnel.

The "Visitor Regulations for Visitors to the Kunsthalle Prague" must comply with all other internal regulations. The visitor is liable for any violation of the Visitor Regulations and for any damage(s) caused to the operator of the building in accordance with generally applicable legislation. Any change(s) to any provision(s) of the Visitor Regulations may only be made in writing.