Sunday All-You-Can-Eat Brunch

All you can eat & drink brunch is held every Sunday from 10 AM to 2 PM in the Kunsthalle Praha Bistro. 

What can you look forward to?
Fresh ingredients, maximum variety of flavours, (non-)vegetarian options, great drinks and luxurious desserts. All this in the unmistakable atmosphere of an industrial bistro right at the gateway to art! In the form of a distinctive buffet, you will immerse yourself in the flavours of our fusion cuisine, where there are no limits to creativity. Chef Martin Jandík and his team will create works of experimental gastronomy of today on the spot & in front of your eyes, from the Mediterranean to Asia.

Price per person: 
Full price including entrance to the exhibitions : 1 600 CZK
Members of Kunsthalle Praha: 1 400 CZK
Children 5-11 years old: 800 CZK (up to 5 years for free)