Guided Tour: Building Sculptures with Krištof Kintera (in CZE)

Welcome to the brutalist micro-world of Krištof Kintera. You will be taken on a unique sculptural journey in the Holubička park on Klárov, right across from Kunsthalle Praha. The event is held in Czech.

Seven chosen ones

The famous Kotva Department Store by the Machonin couple (1970-75), the vanished Hotel Praha (1971-1981), the cosmic Žižkov Tower by Václav Aulický (1985-1992), the war-torn Emauzy Monastery (1963-68), Mordor or the Central Telecommunication Building in Žižkov (1972-79), the utopian Kosířské Superstructures (1973-74), and the bunker-like State Bank of Czechoslovakia (1977-1992) in the unique style of Karel Prager. Finally, watching over all seven structures, the unconquerable Girl with a Dove sculpture by Václav Šimek from 1958.

Date & Time: 4/5 2023 7 PM