One of the tenets of Kunsthalle Praha’s educational activities is providing support for art-historical research focused on Central European art of the 20th century. The new book series called edice m is one form of such support. Our goal is to publish monographs dedicated the lives, works, and legacies of Czech and international artists who are not adequately covered in the existing Czech literature.

We are interested in broader socio-historical contexts and are constantly searching for new perspectives, which we assume based on our extensive research opportunities. We work with egodocuments, academic writings, and contemporary journalism, accessed through archives and other mnemonic institutions.

The first title in this series is Chittussi by professor Roman Prahl, a publication containing over three hundred pages about Antonín Chittussi (1847–1891), who was one of the first Czech landscape painters to focus on urban peripheries and industrial landscapes. The monograph, designed by Studio Najbrt, contains the most extensive classification and interpretation of Chittussi’s landscape paintings to date.

Monographs of other artists are currently being prepared as part of the edice m, including: Teodor Rotrekl, Grigorij Musatov, Karel Souček, Vincenc Beneš, Vojtěch Hynais, Bedřich Dlouhý and Theodor Pištěk. The series is being published in close collaboration with the Academia publishing house and the KODL Gallery.

Photo: Vojtěch Veškrna

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