For the second time this year, Kunsthalle Praha & Silent Yoga Prague invite you to yoga with breakfast in the park.

Imagine you’re suddenly listening to your own breathing, aware of every movement of your body and living fully in this very moment, even in the midst of a busy, noisy urban environment. This is what we’ll try, in the park under the Old Castle Steps, across the street from the future Kunsthalle Praha, during a silent yoga lesson. You will be doing yoga while wearing headphones, in which you will hear both music and the voice of your instructor. The headphones will help you to better immerse yourself in your own thoughts.

The introductory mediation will be musical accompanied by Adéla Součkova’s composition entitled "On Earth Awakening from a Restless Dream". Yoga in the park is part of the Kunsthalle Praha accompanying program for the Adéla Součkova’s installation Exit the Loop in the context of the Facade Project.
For more info about Exit the Loop and Facade Project, click here.

Bring your own yoga mats, comfortable clothing and even take warmer socks with you. The lesson is even suitable for absolute beginners.

The lesson will take 75 minutes
if you’re not in a hurry, you can stay up to 90 minutes

Tickets CZK 250
the price includes a healthy breakfast after the lesson and the loan of headphones

In the event of inclement weather, the event will be canceled and the entry fee will be returned to the participants.

Photo from the first SILENT YOGA, photo: Světlana Malinová
Photo from the first SILENT YOGA, photo: Světlana Malinová

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