As part of its annual partnership with Kunsthalle Praha, the Czech Centre London, and the Arts and Theatre Institute, Delfina Foundation is offering a residency to one artist and one curator based in the Czech Republic.

  • a six-week residency for a visual artist in summer 2020
    (3 August – 13 September)
  • a three-week residency for a curator in autumn 2020
    (9 – 29 November)

For the last six years, Delfina Foundation’s programmes have been particularly focused on five thematic areas:

  • The Politics of Food – on the production, consumption and distribution of food as well as food as a medium and metaphor to expose wider social and cultural concerns.
  • Performance as Process – on performance, from daily rituals to live art, as a way of processing the world around us.
  • Science_technology_society – at the intersection between art, science and technology to create solutions through interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • Collecting as Practice – on the politics, psychology and philosophy of collecting and the role of collectors and artists in relation to collections and archives.
  • The Public Domain – on the notion of public space, both in the physical and digital sense.

Delfina Foundation’s residency programme supports artists, curators and thinkers to collectively explore specific themes or to independently engage in open research.

The research conducted at DF may develop into larger projects at Kunsthalle Praha.
For more details and to apply please download the information and application document here.

Application deadline for both residences:
extended until Mon, 20 April 2020

Kunsthalle Praha is a newly emerging space for art and culture in Prague´s historical centre. It will offer visitors a wide range of exhibitions and educational projects, cultural events and social activities. Kunsthalle Praha´s mission is to contribute to a deeper understanding of Czech and international art of the 20th and 21st centuries and to communicate this with a dynamic, contemporary programme to the broadest possible public.