Presently, we have the following internship and volunteering opportunities:

The offer of individual positions at a given time is based on specific projects and is therefore subject to change.

  • Curatorial assistant - researching and documenting artworks from the Foundation’s Art Collection (suitable for students or graduates with qualifications in Art History)
  • Photographer – taking photos at art events/exhibitions developed or supported by Kunsthalle Praha or the Foundation; taking professional photos of artworks
  • Editor/writer (CZ and EN) – individuals who are able to write about artworks and art events in a lively and compelling way, and in a language accessible to the general public, utilizing available expert knowledge. Content generated in this way would be used for publishing in printed and online media. This opportunity is suitable for students or graduates with qualifications in creative writing, journalism, history of art, etc. , but also for people without formal qualifications who have a passion for writing and for art
  • Graphic designer – assisting with preparing designs for the media, presentations, exhibitions


  • Participate in the establishment of a one-of-a-kind art institution in the Czech Republic
  • Gain valuable experience and enjoy meeting interesting people
  • BBe a part of a dynamic team and work towards a common goal

Kunsthalle Praha is a newly emerging space for art and culture in Prague´s historical centre. It will offer visitors a wide range of exhibitions and educational projects, cultural events and social activities. Kunsthalle Praha´s mission is to contribute to a deeper understanding of Czech and international art of the 20th and 21st centuries and to communicate this with a dynamic, contemporary programme to the broadest possible public.

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