Vendula Hnídková: The Zenger Transformer Station. Electricity in the City, Electricity in Architecture

The Zenger Transformer Station stands on an exposed site in Malá Strana. Although its story dates back almost a hundred years and features important actors in interwar Czechoslovakia, the building’s significance has remained hidden for a long time. The book The Zenger Transformer Station: Electricity in the City, Electricity in Architecture not only presents the industrial building itself but also, against the background of its complicated origins, represents
a layered investigation into the period when modern Prague was being forged.

Editor: Vendula Hnídková
Texts: Ivana Goosen, Christelle Havranek, Vendula Hnídková
Graphic design: Marta Maštálková

Number of Pages: 162
Dimensions: 190×265 mm
Binding: V8 hardcover
Language: English
ISBN 978-80-908258- 4-0

Release: May 2022